The Journey Begins

Welcome to Philosophy Crush.

Paul Fairfield and I are launching this philosophy-themed project to express everyday reflections that we hope will encourage people from all walks of life to think about and discuss issues that matter to them. It is for someone who wonders about some elementary questions of human existence or who is living what’s called “the examined life.”

The Philosophy Crush project will expand to include podcasts, interviews, and videos. This blog was launched with a few short essays we are calling “crushes.” The intent is to “crush out” the verbosity of academic philosophy and condense it into smaller morsels for personal reflection, something like philosophy used to be done in the Athenian marketplace or literary salons from days past. Crush can also mean doing something well or to crush on the topic itself. Besides, it’s an easy to name to remember.

Instead of teaching the subject of philosophy, this forum will be one of philosophy applied to the world outside the ivory tower, the one all of us are familiar with. There are many other forums, videos, and podcasts that teach philosophy, so there is no need to duplicate them. Here you will see philosophy in practice. We aim to show how critical thinking combined with careful reflection can help one find order and meaning in a world that often appears chaotic and confusing.

We will be releasing blog posts and podcasts on a regular basis. We hope you will enjoy this forum. Your comments, ideas, and feedback are welcomed.