Podcast Conversations Coming Soon

Historically, philosophy was spoken before it was written. Socrates himself, the great patron saint of philosophy in the West, wasn’t a writer but someone who went into the Athenian marketplace and engaged in conversation with whomever he found there, or whoever claimed to know something that was important. Philosophy was done in the street before it was absorbed into the academy. Plato and Aristotle were writers, of course, but they both wrote in dialogue form—the former more so than the latter, but Aristotle reportedly wrote numerous dialogues that are lost to us.

It’s the nature of philosophy to be conversational no less than written, and with this in mind we’re planning to engage in some podcast conversations of our own with individuals who are philosophers and other people who have something to say that’s philosophically interesting and engaging to a general audience. We’re going to keep these interviews/conversations relatively informal and aim for a variety and breadth of topics and guests.

Philosophy Crush is a joint undertaking of Paul Fairfield and Rob Faucher. The blogs and podcasts are Fairfield’s, but going forward, the podcast conversations and interviews will be done by both Fairfield and Faucher—depending on the topic and guest.